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Product Features:

  • Refreshing Taste: As its name Keystone Tropical Passion Iced Tea is has a tropically refreshing taste.
  • Natural Flavor: Keystone picks the best tea gardens and chooses the best of processes to secure its natural flavor.
  • Three Gallon yield tea bags:Each Keystone Tropical Passion  Iced Tea, Keystone tea pouches are perfectly portioned with three-gallon yield tea bags.
  • Unsweetened: Keystone Tropical Passion Iced Tea is an unsweetened and sugar-free tea with the natural flavor of black tea.
  • Best serving Drink: Keystone tropical passion tea is the best choice for a beverage on a pool party, summer meet up, or lunch get together.

Product Description:

Do you want to serve a refreshing iced tea cocktail at your swimming pool party?

Our refreshing Keystone Tropical passion Iced Tea- the green iced tea is your answer

Using Green tea leaves specially blended for iced tea. A jug of home-brewed, cold green tea is a total crowd-pleasure, especially in the summer. Keystone brings you the best tropical passion iced tea that lets you enjoys that wonderful drink and without any bitter aftertaste.

You can mix and match the keystone tea range with different flavors in infinite combinations with simple and sweet syrups to keep things exciting.

To bring you the best tea flavors and aroma as possible, we have created the innovative procedure where we process fresh, superior tea leaves to get their natural essence.

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