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 Product Description: Do you want a sweet change in your regular black tea? Or do you want to impress your next guest serving them with something different?

Keystone presents the most beloved black tea with a blend of natural earl grey cream- with blue cornflower petals.
    Our Black tea has the properties of both Black tea and Earl grey cream to provide you with amazing and pure flavors. Our Earl Grey Cream tea has a delicious, creamy flavor. The Refreshing and light dark brown brew tends to have a soothing aroma and taste.

      • True Tea: Keystone Earl Grey Cream Tea is a natural tea made with the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, black tea is a true tea.
      • Premium Teas: The Keystoneteas obtains the best all-natural, sustainably produced mountain teas after the careful quality and taste, this tea yields a vivid self-indulgent flavor and has a unique quality that it can never be over-brewed.
      • Finest Blend: Keystone Earl Grey Cream Tea has a slightly spicy flavor of Assam black tea and enjoyable essence of natural earl grey cream with a blend of beautiful blue cornflower petals.
      • Complete Serving Beverage: The exceptional Keystone Earl Grey Cream Black Tea is neither too sweet or too tart drink, a perfect beverage to serve your visitors, and they will enjoy it to the last drop

        HOW TO STEEP
        1 SCOOP 195°F 8 FL OZ 3-5 MIN 1 STEEP
        Scoop loose-leaf tea. Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water. Pour water over tea. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor. Use fresh leaves each time you brew.

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