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Product Description:

Do you want a caffeine-free tea for your children?

Yes, we've been there, kids always ask for something everyone else seems to enjoy but why not kids, because of the caffeine content in tea, Keystone has resolved this issue by introducing Hello Kiddo, a caffeine-free fruity drink for your kids, that can be served hot or iced, as your little one's choice.

Product Features:

Caffeine-free:  Hello Kiddo by Keystone is a bountiful combination of naturally caffeine-free blend of hibiscus tea with orange peel, pineapple pieces, rose hips and berries that add flavor and delight

Light and sweet: Ancient people have long enjoyed it as a fruity, sweet and mild-flavored drink In recent years, the light and pure hibiscus have experienced rapid popularity.

herbal infusion: Experience authentic hibiscus tea with the balance and beauty of our herbs and rose nips that are delicious till it’s very last sip.

Good for kids: A caffeine-free drink and full of fruity flavor, your kids going to love your new tea recipe.


    1 SCOOP 160°F 8 FL OZ 1-2.5 MIN 1 STEEP
    Scoop loose-leaf tea. Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water. Pour water over tea. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor. Use fresh leaves each time you brew.

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