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Are you looking for a tea that is zesty but caffeine-free? Or a soothing red tea with the enhanced flavor of calendula?

We have got you African Dream Rooibos Tea with Calendula Petals and sweet Vanilla flavor. 

A drink to illuminate your day, the finest Rooibos tea of its kind for you to enjoy it to the last drop, A caffeine-free energetic drink with  the natural ingredients like rose petals and calendula petals and enhanced flavor of vanilla makes it a great drink to serve your guests and for you as  a good morning beverage.

  • Refreshing Flavor: African dream Rooibos tea has a stimulating flavor, and it is equal measures of fruity, spicy, and nutty. The instant energizing drink is so refreshing you are going to love it.
  • Caffeine-Free: African dream Rooibos tea has the benefit of being caffeine-free, so for those who are sensitive to caffeine this drink is purely healthy to become your regular drink.
  • Premium Quality: The premium quality herbs are beneficial for your health and are full of nutritional With the enhanced flavor of calendula petals and Rose petals, It also contains the enjoyable flavor of vanilla.
  • Serving: One African Dream Rooibos tea Resealable pouch also gives you extra-large serving that includes nearly 200 cups.



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