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Bollywood Chai tea is a unique blend from Assam tea blended with authentic Indian recipe. Once you sip it, you will want to drink this all day along.

Ingredients: Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove blend as per authentic recipe.

  • Balanced flavor: Bollywood Chai spiced tea has the perfect balance of flavors, with ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon It also contains natural flavors to enhance its herbal essence

  • Natural Aroma: Bollywood Chai spiced tea has a blend of natural herbs, with the organic spices and finest of ginger and cardamom and a lingering aroma of cinnamon this tea will refreshand enlighten your day.
  • Range: Bollywood chai can be served fresh with a perfect boil in water and stained for rich taste or it can be served with milk.The ginger and pepper give this spicy tea a little kick while cinnamon and cardamom add an earthy tone to it.
  •  Perfect serving beverage: Treat your lovely guests with the Indian traditional masala chai, and they are going to love the symphony of flavors, a well-balanced drink that truly refreshes
  • Supreme quality: The perfectly chosen herbs, the finest of ginger, the unmatched quality of cardamom and enhanced flavor of cinnamon, this chai is not your everyday drink, it has a taste beyond description


    Are you a tea lover and want a delicious cup of tea to brighten up your day? But let’s face it a tea lover knows that a great cup of tea is hard to find!

    But we have a perfect solution to brighten up your day!

    The Bollywood Chai Spiced Tea – with ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon The natural ingredients are taken from the premium quality herbs from different countries around the world to create the harmonious mixture to not only helps to replenish and refreshes your body but it energizes your soul.

    Bollywood Chai has tea has the power to boost you up with its very first sip So, what's stopping you from getting the best tea in town?


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    1 SCOOP 195°F 8 FL OZ 3-5 MIN 1 STEEP
    Scoop loose-leaf tea. Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water. Pour water over tea. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor. Use fresh leaves each time you brew.

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