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Product Features:

  • Deliciously Refreshing Tea: Keystone Passion Berry Iced Tea bags make Pleasant and refreshing brewed iced tea.
  • Sophisticated Chosen Tea: Keystone picks the best tea gardens and chooses the best of procedures to secure its sophisticated flavor.
  • Three Gallon yield tea bags:Keystone tea pouches are perfectly portioned with three-gallon yield tea bags.
  • Berry-Licious Tea: The classy infusion of the rooibos tea with the hints of berry flavor, gives you the best summer beverage.
  • Unsweetened: Keystone Passion Berry Tea is an unsweetened and sugar-free tea with the natural flavor of rooibos tea.

Product Description:

 Do you also want a deliciously refreshing flavored tea bags to make a summer cocktail?

Because we are drooling over this Passion Berry Iced tea by keystone.

Summers are incomplete without a refreshing beverage that makes you feel like cool sea breezes, the chilled Passion Berry Iced Tea by keystone has the rooibos tea flavor with the blend of berry, the berry flavor makes it fruity and grapy and totally a drink for summer, Revive and energize with yummy tasteful iced tea, a non-sweetened but classical splashed fruity taste.

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