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Product Description:

Do you want a tea that is traditional and a little sweet, as your everyday morning or evening tea?

Yes, we are introducing the keystone Kona Oolong tea, the tea with divine taste.

The Delighted flavor is a rare blend of several exotic pineapple and one of the finest Oolong teas ever used in a blend. This heavenly aromatic tea has unmatched flavors of pineapple, papaya and othercitrus fruit peels combined with the depth of a medium-bodied Oolong tea, an enhanced flavor that lingers on the cup. Kona Oolong Organic tea can be brewed multiple times and used to make the freshest, naturally flavored tea.

Product Features:

Citrus Flavor: Kona Oolong tea by Keystone is a heavenly tea with pineapple sweetness, papaya pungency, rich oolong tea, and a mystery citrus peel.

Alluring Taste:The Kona oolong tea is a magnificent example of alluring taste It brews up a cup with a pleasant aroma and a taste that is mild and sweet


1 SCOOP 160°F 8 FL OZ 1-2.5 MIN 1 STEEP
Scoop loose-leaf tea. Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water. Pour water over tea. Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor. Use fresh leaves each time you brew.

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