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Product Description:

Do you want that vibrant, spicy, and healthy touch in your regular tea?

We have brought you the Keystones Turmeric blast. The revitalizing tea, this blend of well-rolled turmeric, and ginger.

 It’s the tea you turn to in the middle of a long day when your moods can use a little bit of pick-me-up. It’s ideal for lively sunny days and breezy evenings, regardless of whether it is steeped in water or served with milk.

Product Features:

Tangy Flavor:  This lightly flavored turmeric blast, a perfect blend for those seeking coziness in a cup, marries turmeric and ginger with earthy Himalayan salt and a hint of Black pepper. 

Earthy Aroma: The traditional ingredients adds to the aroma of the tea and makes it comforting and earthy that feels natural and refreshes deep inside.

Multiple ways to prepare: The turmeric blast can be taken as a tea with hot water, which allows its full verdant flavor but it can also be prepared with milk or taken with your favorite juice.

Natural Ingredients: Keystone is a famous brand that is known to use only  natural ingredients in their tea that helps them to make the premium quality teas.



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