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Product Description:

Are you a countryman and looking for a tea with soothing and grassy aroma?
We are introducing our extremely caffeinated seasoning drink that is energizing and a well-balanced drink. Keystone Yerba mate encompasses a distinctive spicy-sweet flavor that's powerfully organic, herbal, and grassy. Consumed from morning to evening, yerba mate is the liquid of selection for many South Americans as a healthful and refreshing drink

Yerba mate, referred to as the "Drink of friendship", at the middle of Argentinean Tea Culture, it's also the national drink of Argentina, Brazil, eastern Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and South American nation, Syria and Asian nation.

Product Features:

  • Boosting Drink: A cup of hot and pleasant Yerba mate will boost your energy.

  • Premium herbs:This Yerba mate from Argentina, brews up a cup that has a lingering aroma of pure steamy taste.

  • Constituents: It is comprised of the finely cut stem and leaf pieces of yerba mate. It has a pleasantly earthy, crisp, clean, refreshing flavor.

  • Unsmoked Tea: The Keystone Yerba mate is completely unsmoked, as it has been passed through smoke-free 2-stage yerba mate drying process.


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