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Product Description:

 Do you need something refreshing to start your day with?

Keystone brings together top-quality black teas from premier tea crops. The supreme and distinctive blend of teas from India, Assam with the sweetness of the black tea from China, Keemun. The result is a very supreme, rich tea. It can be thickened by adding milk and sweetened by sugar very well. This energizing infusion will make your morning perfect.

Black Tea is the most consumed drink after water, so we thought to add a distinctive touch to make it different from your average black tea and enhance flavor, so it becomes a unique black tea.

Product Features:

Stimulating Aroma: Keystone English Breakfast Tea is a black tea, specially made as a morning drink, with its refreshing fragrance, this tea has the power to brighten your day.

Diverse flavors: English Breakfast Tea is not your regular black tea, the addition of natural tea of Assam from the country of India and Pure taste of Keemun from China, makes this tea an extra-ordinary drink.

Serving: Keystone English Breakfast tea is a large value size pack with a large serving of 200 cups.

Range: Keystone English Breakfast tea gives you multiple options, you can drink it hot or iced, sweetened or plain, add milk or without it.



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